DevOps Almanac

Membership-based website where I share IT expertise and help stay up-to-date with latest technologies and developments in the DevOps space.

   Unix Tutorial

Blog with Unix/Linux how-tos and articles providing introduction to Unix principles. There’s a great Unix Commands section there.

   Unix Tutorial Projects

List of my recent projects around Unix/Linux - compiling browser, migrating blogs, NAS storage setup.


Избранные статьи и главного блога , переведённые на русский язык.

   Solaris Blog

Various notes on Solaris 10/ Open Solaris system administration

   Desktop Virtualization

VirtualBox, VMware and everything else to do with virtualizing desktops

   Perfect Blogger

WordPress with a touch of SEO

   Ирландия - заметки и письма

I relocated to Ireland in 2001, this website is my letters, notes, impressions and photos of Ireland (website is in Russian)

   Castle Hotels Ireland

Some of the most beautiful and luxurious castle hotels you can find to stay in Ireland